👍 Today’s Good Word ~ Determined

Determined – Def: wanting to do something very much and not allowing anyone or any difficulties to stop you.

Lots of folks dream of being successful. Dreams are important, but they are impotent unless one has a fierce determination to chase the dream. A determined person is unstoppable. They find a deep reservoir of strength that pushes them on when they feel as if they are treading water. They can delay momentary gratification because they are determined to let nothing interfere with their pursuit of their dream. Do you have a big dream? Add a full measure of determination and nothing will stop you. Watch out world, you’re on your way.

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    1. Hi Terveen, I like your style. You’ve got a dream, you’ve set your GPS, and you are pursuing it. Watch as the road ahead clears for you, nothing cans sop a determined person. Shine on. Ray

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