👍 Today’s Good Word ~ Practice

Practice – Def: the act of doing something regularly or repeatedly to improve your skill at doing it.

The more we practice the better we perform. It can be shooting a basketball, baking cookies, or preparing for an interview. Practice is essential to improved performance. I was fortunate to learn this lesson early on in my academic career I was presenting a research paper at a prestigious conference. I hadn’t given much thought to practicing what I would say, after all, I did the research. The day before my scheduled presentation I went to a session where four speakers made presentations then took questions. An audience member from a prestigious university stood, and said, “You wasted an hour and half of our time. You didn’t prepare your presentations. You winged it.” Wow. I learned an important lesson and headed to my hotel room and practiced, practiced, practiced my presentation. That lesson followed me throughout my career and it paid off time and again. 

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