🤗 A Better Life ~ Channeling Anger for Good

Giving in to anger comes without much opposition. Yet, once we jump on that wagon, we careen down a steep slope. Venting our anger releases pent up emotional energy, but it comes at a cost. There’s a different way. Instead of letting anger control us, we can manage our anger and use it to good advantage. Imagine driving a car where the accelerator pedal is glued to the floor. We’re trying to control a car going 100 MPH  (160 KM/H). It’s not going to be easy. When the accelerator pedal is under our control, we have greater control over the car. It’s the same way with anger. When we control our anger, we can use it to make constructive changes, challenge injustice, or engage in a peaceful dialogue with an opponent. Anger happens, but it doesn’t have to control us.

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