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👍 Today’s Good Word ~ Bring the Sunshine

Sunshine – Def: (1) the light and heat that come from the sun. (2) happiness or pleasure.

I like the feel of the sun on my back in early spring. The wind may be blowing, the temperature near freezing, but the bright sun wraps me in her warmth. It gives me hope that spring is coming and winter in ebbing. In the same way, we can be the sunshine to those passing through our lives. Everyone experiences a winter. When someone brings the sunshine to them with a smile, kind act, or hope-filled encouragement, the person experiencing the winter knows the sun will again shine on them. They know that soon they will be feeling good. Bring the sunshine to all who come your way today. You’ll make our world brighter and happier.

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3 thoughts on “👍 Today’s Good Word ~ Bring the Sunshine”

    1. Hi Terveen, A few summers back, I saw a young girl come out of an ice cream shop with a double scoop cone. She was excited. In her haste, she tilted the cone and the ice cream fell off. By chance the woman coming out of the shop after her had a similar cone. She went to the girl and handed her the cone. Tears changed to a smile. True story. Yes, it can be done. Have a great day. Ray

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