A Better Life ~ Wait and See – It’s All Going to Work Out

Yesterday, the high temperature was nearly 100 F (38C) in south Texas. A line of thunderstorms came through in the middle of night bringing much needed rain. A brisk, cooling wind stayed around for most of the morning. Today, the high temperature is 76F (24.4C). What a pleasant difference. The weather provides a good life’s lesson. If we don’t quit, things will change. Chances are, they’ll change for the better. If we let negative thinking take hold we begin catastrophizing assuming the worst possible outcome. It’s better to take a wait and see attitude and continue to grind, holding on to hope that it will all work out. It will. Hang in there.

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    1. Thank you! I don’t know whether I come by it genetically or learned it. It is pretty much who I am. Life is good and getter better by the moment. Here’s hoping life showers the good things it has to offer on you this day. Ray

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