Today’s Good Word ~ Anticipation

Anticipation – Def: a feeling of excitement about something that is going to happen in the near future

As a child I remember anticipating Christmas. I couldn’t wait for Christmas and my excitement grew by the day. I still anticipate Christmas. I enjoy being with friends and family. I enjoy going to church on Christmas Day. The event matched my anticipation. Anticipation is a healthy emotion when we anticipate positive results, a good time, and a new adventure. Anticipation ignites a spark of life within us. We get our passports ready, we buy airplane tickets, we buy new clothes, and we eagerly await our trip. Once we arrive, we anticipate the new things we’ll see, the new foods we will try, and the new people we will meet. Set yourself up for a healthy dose of anticipation. It’s healthy to anticipate adventures, positive outcomes, and good times. You deserve it. Don’t wait now is the time.

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