Something to Think About

No one said it was going to be easy. Accept it. Fill a to-go cup with coffee, and step out and chase your dream. Opps, your dream got popped? Happens to all of us. Refill the to-go cup and step out and chase a new dream. Did that dream get popped? You’re fortunate, it wasn’t for you. Take hold of another dream. You’ll get it right as long as you keep reaching for a dream. There are an infinite number of dreams. There is one with your name on it. Keep looking for it. You’ll find it. When you do, hold on tight. You’ll be heading on a wild, wonderful ride.

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Today’s Good Word ~ Nourishment

Nourishment – Def: food that you need to grow and stay healthy.

It’s important to nourish our bodies with the right foods if we want to live a healthy, active lives. Nourishment can also be applied to how we nourish our minds. We can use the computer science word GIGO (garbage in – garbage out) to describe what happens to us when we nourish our minds, with garbage. What we put into our minds, shapes our thinking. Our thinking shapes our actions. When we poorly feed our minds, our actions reflect the poor choices we make. Conversely, if we take care in nourishing our minds with what helps us to be more fully human, more fully alive, our lives soon reflect that nourishment. We begin to unleash our unlimited potential.

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Today’s Power Thought ~ Life’s Storms

There’s a song in Life’s storms. If we listen carefully, the songs we will learn the storm’s lessons. They’ll be lessons we’ll never learn in school.

Today’s Poem ~ Your Laughter

Your Laughter

Pablo Neruda

Take bread away from me, if you wish, 
take air away, but 
do not take from me your laughter. 

Do not take away the rose, 
the lance flower that you pluck, 
the water that suddenly 
bursts forth in joy, 
the sudden wave 
of silver born in you. 

My struggle is harsh and I come back 
with eyes tired 
at times from having seen 
the unchanging earth, 
but when your laughter enters 
it rises to the sky seeking me 
and it opens for me all 
the doors of life. 

My love, in the darkest 
hour your laughter 
opens, and if suddenly 
you see my blood staining 
the stones of the street, 
laugh, because your laughter 
will be for my hands 
like a fresh sword. 

Next to the sea in the autumn, 
your laughter must raise 
its foamy cascade, 
and in the spring, love, 
I want your laughter like 
the flower I was waiting for, 
the blue flower, the rose 
of my echoing country. 

Laugh at the night, 
at the day, at the moon, 
laugh at the twisted 
streets of the island, 
laugh at this clumsy 
boy who loves you, 
but when I open 
my eyes and close them, 
when my steps go, 
when my steps return, 
deny me bread, air, 
light, spring, 
but never your laughter 
for I would die.


Today’s Health Tip ~ Why is Iron Important for Athletes?

Iron is an essential mineral that assists in the transport of oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body. We need sufficient oxygen transport to enable our muscles to execute work. Iron is especially important for athletes due to the high work demands placed on their muscles during training and competition. The body gets iron through the food we consume. An absence of iron-rich foods in the diet can lead to iron deficiency anaemia. Symptoms of iron deficiency anaemia include fatigue, pale skin, reduced exercise capacity and frequent illness.

Which athletes needs iron?

  • Female athletes
  • Athletes in their teens/adolescence; young adults
  • Those competing in running, endurance and high impact sports
  • Those who regularly donate blood
  • Athletes who follow a vegetarian diet


A Better Life ~ Small Acts of Kindness

A friend shared the following story with me. She runs every morning. When she runs she takes her Brittany Spaniel with her. Half way into her run she crossed through a large park. She came across two dogs with leashes but no one was near them. She stopped and called to the dogs. One dog came over and made friends with her Brittany. The other watched and then came over. She checked their collars and found a phone number. She called the number. An elderly woman answered. The elderly woman said her husband died a few weeks earlier and she had given the dogs to her daughter. The runner asked for the daughter’s number and continued to speak with the woman for ten minutes. The runner called the woman’s daughter. An hour later there was a reunion of dogs and the elderly woman’s daughter. The runner never completed the distance she wanted to complete, but she made an elderly woman and her daughter happy. Small acts of kindness go a long, long, way.

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