A Better Life ~ Small Acts of Kindness

A friend shared the following story with me. She runs every morning. When she runs she takes her Brittany Spaniel with her. Half way into her run she crossed through a large park. She came across two dogs with leashes but no one was near them. She stopped and called to the dogs. One dog came over and made friends with her Brittany. The other watched and then came over. She checked their collars and found a phone number. She called the number. An elderly woman answered. The elderly woman said her husband died a few weeks earlier and she had given the dogs to her daughter. The runner asked for the daughter’s number and continued to speak with the woman for ten minutes. The runner called the woman’s daughter. An hour later there was a reunion of dogs and the elderly woman’s daughter. The runner never completed the distance she wanted to complete, but she made an elderly woman and her daughter happy. Small acts of kindness go a long, long, way.

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