Something to Think About

We never make it on our own. There are always folks who help us. They are there at the right moment. We get a push, a door opens, a text message brings an opportunity. I’ve not deserved any of these things, yet I received them in abundance. They are gifts. It’s a good thing to stop every once in a while and remember these special people. Let them know occasionally how much you appreciate them. They’ll be grateful and you’ll feel better as well.

Today’s Power Thought ~ Out Tough Your Challenge

Got a tough challenge? Give it the look and tell it to bring it on. You’re stronger and tougher. You’ll outlast, outwork, and out tough the challenge. You’ve marched through the fire before, you can do it again and again.

A Better Life ~ Enjoying Every Moment

Live every day like it’s going to be your last one. How many times have I heard that advice? There’s lots of truth in it, since one day, it will be the last one. When I think of it that way, it changes the way I think about what’s important today. I wouldn’t want to spend my last day being angry. I’d want to spend it in love. I wouldn’t want to spend my last day down in the dumps. I’d want to spend it dancing and singing and doing cartwheels. Life is a precious gift. Every moment is a moment to be treasured, enjoyed, living life to the fullest. C’mon, wipe the frown and turn up the corners. Enjoy every moment of your beautiful life.

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Today’s Good Word ~ Destiny

Destiny – Def: the things that will happen in the future. The particular state of a person or thing in the future.

I like the word destiny. It signifies I’m on a journey toward a desired end. It’s more than a goal. It is more related to something I am supposed to do or accomplish. In my experience, I’ve felt the hand of destiny touch me multiple times. Often, life has given me experiences that led me to a situation. The situation wasn’t always the best, but I knew I was supposed to be in this place at this time and to see my work through. I’m sure you’ve had similar experiences. When I’m on the journey, I have no clue about my destiny (destination), but when I arrive, I know. When destiny knocks listen and embrace it. This moment is meant for you what you alone can bring to it.

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Today’s Health Tip ~ Keep Your Healthy with the Mind Diet

The Mind Diet is a combination of two diets that have well-known health benefits — Mediterranean and DASH. It’s designed to prevent or slow brain decline. The MIND diet has 10 groups: green leafy vegetables, other vegetables, nuts, berries, beans, whole grains, fish, poultry, olive oil, and wine. The diet calls for beans every other day, poultry twice a week, and fish once a week.You’ll need a salad, one other vegetable, and three servings of whole grains every day. Any vegetable will do, but collard greens, kale, and spinach are especially good.Nuts and berries are ideal snacks — both have been linked to better brain health. Blueberries and strawberries, in particular, help keep your brain working at its best and may slow symptoms linked to Alzheimer’s.


Today’s Poem ~ Houses of Dreams

Houses of Dreams

Sara Teasdale

You took my empty dreams
And filled them every one
With tenderness and nobleness,
April and the sun.

The old empty dreams
Where my thoughts would throng
Are far too full of happiness
To even hold a song.

Oh, the empty dreams were dim
And the empty dreams were wide,
They were sweet and shadowy houses
Where my thoughts could hide.

But you took my dreams away
And you made them all come true —
My thoughts have no place now to play,
And nothing now to do.

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