Today’s Good Word ~ Story

Story – Def: description, either true or imagined, of a connected series of events

I love a good story. At the moment, I’m reading a page turner. It’s grabbed ahold of my attention and it’s had to set my electronic copy down. Our lives are stories. Each day we’re writing a new chapter with our words and actions. The plot is constantly shifting and we shift with the plot to adapt to it. If we’re not careful, the story we’re writing takes control and unfolds along the plot line. If we’re aware of our story, we can decide if we like where our story is heading and if we want to change the plot lines. If we’re not happy with our story, we can change the characters, setting, central challenge, and how we resolve the challenge. You and I are writers whether we write or not. Each day we are writing a new chapter to our life’s story.


    1. Hi Terveen, You’re a writer and you understand. You can see the characters around you, the protagonists and antagonists. I imagine as you write, you let your story unfold on an unpredictable pathway. What happens is always a surprise. I think that’s how our life’s stories unfold. Have a great day. Ray

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