Something To Think About

We are experiencing an extensive drought in South Texas. The grass in my yard is now dormant. Prayers in church are for rain. The water company is rationing water use. it’s a lot like life. We all go through real tough times where we experience our personal drought. We can complain, we can be angry, and we can blame other people for our drought. Our only choice though, is to live through the drought with the sincere belief that it will end. And, when it ends we will be ready to celebrate. I hope you’re celebrating now.


    1. Hi Terveen, Droughts come and go. It can be real as in no rain and metaphorical as in no new ideas. As long as we hang in, we manage to make it through the droughts. In my experience, a drought often precedes a breakthrough into some area I haven’t thought about.Have a great day. Shine on! Ray

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