Today’s Good Word ~ Cheerleader

I watched a brief video from CBS TV in the US. A young woman opened a letter and read it. She called her dad over and showed it to him. She was accepted into medical school. The dad became so overwhelmed with joy, he hugged his daughter and began crying tears of happiness. That kind of spontaneous joy for the success of another is needed a lot more in our world. Be a cheerleader for others and share their happiness.


    1. Hi Terveen, I think our proudest days are those days when someone we love gets extraordinary recognition. We celebrate their success. It’s as if we always knew they could accomplish what they accomplished even if they didn’t believe it. In my personal life, I’ve had many successes. Yet, the successes that were most important to me are those of my wife graduating summa cum laud and daughters accomplishments. have a great day. Shine on! Ray

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