Today’s Power Thought ~ A Powerful Word

To the degree we can’t say no, we are not free. Here are some examples:

Can I say no to a drink?

Can I say no to a night out with friends?

Can I say no to taking advantage of another.

Can I say no to a supervisor if I think the request is unjust or unfair?

Can I say no to unleashing my anger?

Can I say no to eating what is bad for my health?

No is a powerful word when we use it to express our freedom.


    1. Hi Terveen, No, is a powerful word. It sets our boundaries and define us. I recall a time in academia when, as a senior faculty, I supported a junior faculty seeking promotion. The dean called me into his office and demanded I change my position to make the negative vote unanimous. I told the dean NO. The faculty vote was biased against her and I wouldn’t be part of it. I had to endure the dean’s wrath, but I’ve never regretted the decision. Stay strong. Shine on. Ray

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