Today’s Health Tip ~ What are the Best Foods Recovering from Surgery

Protein serves as your body’s building blocks. When you eat foods that contain protein, your body breaks the nutrient down into its simplest form — amino acids. Your body then reconfigures these amino acids to make new blood vessels, nerve endings, muscle and tissue. Protein also helps your body fight infection, per Michigan Medicine, while carrying oxygen throughout your body and balancing your body fluids.

Eat more fiber. Constipation is common after surgery due to the effects of anesthesia (which slows down your digestive tract) and the oral pain medication you may be taking, per the Cleveland Clinic. While you may not have an appetite if you’re feeling bloated and full from constipation, it’s important to drink and eat to help get things moving. Adding more fiber-rich foods to your diet may help prevent the after-effects of your surgery (although your doctor may also prescribe a laxative).

Foods With Nutrients for Wound Healing. When it comes to foods to eat after surgery, you should choose a wide variety from all the food groups so your body gets all the nutrients it needs for health and healing. There are certain nutrients that are especially important for healing after surgery, including vitamin C and zinc. To help your body heal, include plenty of vitamin C-rich foods in your post-surgery diet, such as oranges, broccoli, red peppers, potatoes, tomatoes and cantaloupe. These vitamin C-filled foods are also good sources of fiber, so they offer two benefits in one.

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