Today’s Poem ~ The Answer

The Answer

Grantland Rice

When the battle breaks against you and the crowd forgets to cheer
  When the Anvil Chorus echoes with the essence of a jeer;
  When the knockers start their panning in the knocker’s nimble way
  With a rap for all your errors and a josh upon your play—
  There is one quick answer ready that will nail them on the wing;
  There is one reply forthcoming that will wipe away the sting;
  There is one elastic come-back that will hold them, as it should—
  Make good.

  No matter where you finish in the mix-up or the row,
  There are those among the rabble who will pan you anyhow;
  But the entry who is sticking and delivering the stuff
  Can listen to the yapping as he giggles up his cuff;
  The loafer has no come-back and the quitter no reply
  When the Anvil Chorus echoes, as it will, against the sky;
  But there’s one quick answer ready that will wrap them in a hood—
  Make good.


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