Something to Think About

Life offers opportunity after opportunity to discover our life’s meaning. When life offers an opportunity to find our life’s meaning, it is almost always connected to other people. We find meaning through our interactions and connections to other people We are part of a human community. Our human community may be our family, the neighbors on our street or in our building. Each of our interactions and connections links us to others.The more we reach out to others, the more we learn about ourselves. If we run away from interactions and connections we may be running away from ourselves. Out of these interactions and connections our life’s meaning emerges. If we’re awake, we’ll see it and know it is designed uniquely for us. 


    1. Hi Terveen, You got it right. Often those we meet mirror what we see in ourselves. We learn about the other, but we also learn about ourselves. How often have you developed characters our of the folks you’ve met? Your characters may not be mirror images, but the traits are there. Keep connecting. Have a great Labor Day weekend. Ray

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