Today’s Power Thought ~ What You Really Want

You already have everything you want. It may not be packaged the way you want it packaged. When you let go of what you think you want, you will see, perhaps for the first time, everything you really wanted was always with you. 

Something to Think About

Winning has it’s place in healthy competition. Competition challenges us to learn and improve our performance. When winning moves away from healthy competition it focuses on acquiring power, diminishing or destroying other competitors. One has only to look at the continuous political cycle. Political parties demonize each other. They conjure up false fears of what will happen if the opposing party comes into power. Each political group views itself as being the sole custody of the right answers for society’s problems. What would it look like if political groups worked together to benefit all of society? What would happen if political discourse became civil? What would happen if positions were presented without demonizing the positions of the opposition? We might end up with a more just and healthy society.

Today’s Health Tip ~ What Lifestyle Habits May Reduce the Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease?

There’s strong evidence that healthy lifestyle habits — such as diet, exercise and not smoking — may play a role in reducing your risk of Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia. . . . In particular, the Mediterranean diet has been associated with a reduced risk of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. The Mediterranean diet is also linked to improved cognition in people who are at risk of heart and other vascular diseases. The Mediterranean diet is rich in fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains and fish and uses olive oil as the primary cooking fat. This type of diet is also a heart-healthy diet that reduces the risk of conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and type 2 diabetes. These conditions are also risk factors for dementia.

Here are some steps that promote good overall brain health:

    • Avoid smoking.
    • Control vascular risk factors, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes.
    • Eat a balanced diet — such as the Mediterranean diet — that’s rich in vegetables, fruits and lean protein, particularly protein sources containing omega-3 fatty acids.
    • Be physically and socially active, including engaging in aerobic exercise.
    • Maintain a healthy weight.
    • Take care of your mental health.
    • Use thinking (cognitive) skills, such as memory skills.
    • Avoid head injury.
    • Treat hearing loss.
    • Limit alcohol consumption.


A Better Life ~ There’s Another Tomorrow Coming

As long as there’s a tomorrow there’s hope. Times can be tough and the hurt may seem to never end. Hang in there. There’s another tomorrow coming and it’s going to be brighter than today. 

Today’s Good Word ~ Hello

Hello is a simple greeting. It is expressed in different ways. I can speak the word hello. I can offer a friendly smile as my greeting. I can wave to you. These simple greetings are ways of acknowledging each other and implicitly confirming the world is a friendly place. When we follow up our hello greeting with a “how are you” or “have a great day” and offer a smile, we enrich our greeting. Imagine how you will make someone feel when you give them this super-charged greeting. You’ll be changing the world one greeting at a time.

Today’s Poem ~ The First Step

The First Step
Constantine P. Cavafy
The young poet Evmenis
complained one day to Theocritus:
“I’ve been writing for two years now
and I’ve composed only one idyll.
It’s my single completed work.
I see, sadly, that the ladder
of Poetry is tall, extremely tall;
and from this first step I’m standing on now
I’ll never climb any higher.”
Theocritus retorted: “Words like that
are improper, blasphemous.
Just to be on the first step
should make you happy and proud.
To have reached this point is no small achievement:
what you’ve done already is a wonderful thing.
Even this first step
is a long way above the ordinary world.
To stand on this step
you must be in your own right
a member of the city of ideas.
And it’s a hard, unusual thing
to be enrolled as a citizen of that city.
Its councils are full of Legislators
no charlatan can fool.
To have reached this point is no small achievement:
what you’ve done already is a wonderful thing.”
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