Today’s Power Thought ~ It May be Great but is it Right for You

I was offered a very attractive job. The salary was a big boost, the conditions of my hire were everything I wanted. Yet, I felt uneasy. My uneasiness grew and I rejected the offer. The university that offered me the position could not understand why I said no. They asked me to reconsider. I said no again. The conversation was over. i felt at peace. It was a great job, but not the right job. Two years later the right job appeared. Sometimes saying no is the best answer, no matter how attractive the opportunity.


    1. Thanks for your comment, Taylor. I think most of us have learned it the hard way. One of the lessons I’ve learned was to make sure the playing field was level and I had a chance to succeed before I accepted a new job. Wishing you great success and happiness. Have a great weekend. Stay strong. Ray

    1. Hi Terveen, The gut never lies. Our rational mind may try to block it out. The rational mind can’t see what gut sees and feels. When a airplane flies through dense clouds the pilots don’t worry, they trust the planes radar and other instruments even though they can’t see. When we’re flying through the clouds it’s time to trust the gut. Enjoy the weekend and here’s hoping it’s filled with love and happiness. Ray

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