Today’s Health Tip ~ Will Yoga Help With Headaches?

Yoga May Be Beneficial if You Suffer from Headaches

New research in the journal Neurology suggests that adding some downward facing dogs and sun salutations to your migraine prevention regimen could help. In a study of adults with migraine ages 18 to 50, those who practiced yoga in addition to taking preventive medication saw a big reduction in their migraine symptoms compared with people who only took medication. The novice yogis practiced with a teacher for 1 hour, 3 days a week, for a month. After that, they practiced 5 days a week on their own for the next 2 months. After 3 months, yoga practitioners had almost 50% fewer headaches than before. The medicine-only group saw just a 12% reduction. The yogis’ headaches were shorter, less painful, and required less pain medicine. —Sonya Collins


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