Today’s Health Tip ~ What are the Benefits of Hugging?

Hugging has Multiple Benefits

  1. Hugs reduce stress.
  2. Hugs may protect against illness.
  3. Hugs may boost heart health.
  4. Hugs may make you happier.
  5. Hugs may reduce your fears.
  6. Hugs may help reduce pain.

Family therapist Virginia Satir once said, “We need four hugs a day for survival. We need 8 hugs a day for maintenance. We need 12 hugs a day for growth.” While that may sound like a lot of hugs, it seems that many hugs are better than not enough.So, how many hugs should you have a day for optimal health? According to the best science, we should have as many as possible if we want to reap the greatest positive effects. Unfortunately, most Western people today — especially people in the United States — are touch-deprived. Many people live solitary or busy lives with reduced social interaction and touching. Our modern social conventions often push people not to touch others who aren’t directly related to them. However, it seems people could benefit a lot from touching others a bit more.So, if you want to feel better about yourself, reduce your stress, improve communication, and be happier and healthier, it seems that giving and asking for more hugs is a good place to start. If you feel nervous about seeking out more hugs, start by asking for them from friends and family members closest to you first.

Science proves that regular hugs with those closest to you, even if brief, can have especially positive effects on your brain and body.


What If . . .

What if I stopped catastrophizing? It’s easy to imagine the worse. We are bombarded with bad news throughout the day. Political parties catastrophize the impact of the other party taking power. The news outlets increase their readership with doomsday reporting. It’s no wonder we often think of the worse possible outcomes. We don’t have to think this way. We can flip the script. When we catch ourselves castrophizing, we can tell ourselves, “there you go again, what if it is a great outcome, what would that look like.” Try it, it works.

Today’s Inspiration ~ Go With the Flow

“Do not struggle. Go with the flow of things, and you will find yourself at one with the mysterious unity of the Universe.”

~ Zhuangzi

A Better Life ~ Seeing with the Heart

When we see with our heart, we no longer get caught in the trap of being for or against some issue. We can understand the value of opposing positions without being pulled into either side. We are free to make informed decisions guided by our intellect and not by our emotions. We’re not caught in turmoil, peace reigns in our hearts.

Something to Think About

Some days I think about my dad. He was tough and I had to walk a straight line. Most times it was only the look and I knew I was about to cross a line from which there was no return (LOL). I remember the thousands of times he tossed a football to me. I remember being taught how to hit a curve ball. I remember going into the swamps to pick blueberries (I always ate more than I picked). I remember going into the woods in the fall to search for mushrooms. He only got to the 8th grade when his dad died. He quit school to go to work to help support the family. He wasn’t perfect, but what he gave me far outweighed any father-son hangups I may have collected. Here’s to you, dad! Cheers!

Today’s Power Thought ~ Take Care of Your Body

Take care of your body. It is the vessel that carries us through life. Your body is a miraculous machine, it continues to function even when maltreated. Eventually, it can’t keep functioning if we continue to mistreat it. When we start taking care of our body, it will repair itself, and we will be able to function at a high level. 

Today’s Poem ~ Love Is Enough

Love is Enough
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Love is enough. Let us not ask for gold.
Wealth breeds false aims, and pride and selfishness;
In those serene, Arcadian days of old
Men gave no thought to princely homes and dress.
The gods who dwelt on fair Olympia’s height
Lived only for dear love and love’s delight.
Love is enough.Love is enough. Why should we care for fame?
Ambition is a most unpleasant guest:
It lures us with the glory of a name
Far from the happy haunts of peace and rest.
Let us stay here in this secluded place
Made beautiful by love’s endearing grace!
Love is enough.

Love is enough. Why should we strive for power?
It brings men only envy and distrust.
The poor world’s homage pleases but an hour,
And earthly honours vanish in the dust.
The grandest lives are ofttimes desolate;
Let me be loved, and let who will be great.
Love is enough.

Love is enough. Why should we ask for more?
What greater gift have gods vouchsafed to men?
What better boon of all their precious store
Than our fond hearts that love and love again?
Old love may die; new love is just as sweet;
And life is fair and all the world complete:
Love is enough!

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