Think About It

We give our hopes freely to sports teams. They may be teams in professional leagues, college teams, or national teams. We experience moments of euphoria when they win and moments of depression when they lose. We take losses personal. Players and coaches of winning teams are praised and players and coaches of losing teams are criticized. One thing I am certain, no player or coach wakes up thinking, “I want to lose this game/match.” They wake up filled with excitement for the competition. The competition is a good assessment of which team is the better team at a certain moment. Each morning when we enter our day normal people don’t set a goal of making the day the worse day ever. Every normal person wants a good day. As we work ourselves through the day we compete with the challenges that come our way. How we handle the challenges is our measure for the moment. When we fail, we only fail in that moment. If we get up and start over, learn our lessons, we may discover that we are victorious over our next challenge.

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