Today’s Poem ~ T’is So Much Joy

T’is So Much Joy

Emily Dickinson

T’is so much joy! ‘T’is so much joy!
If I should fail, what poverty!
And yet, as poor as I
Have ventured all upon a throw;
Have gained! Yes! Hesitated so
This side the victory!

Life is but life, and death but death!
Bliss is but bliss, and breath but breath!
And if, indeed, I fail,
At least to know the worst is sweet.
Defeat means nothing but defeat,
No drearier can prevail!

And if I gain, – oh, gun at sea,
Oh, bells that in the steeples be,
At first repeat it slow!
For heaven is a different thing
Conjectured, and waked sudden in,
And might o’erwhelm me so!


Today’s Health Tip ~ Do Red and Processed Meats Cause Cancer?

What Researchers say About Red Meat

The researchers classified red meat (like beef, pork, and lamb) as Group 2A, probably carcinogenic to humans. In other words, the evidence linking red meat to cancer is not quite as strong as processed meats.  Evidence suggests a link to colorectal cancer, but the research is limited. More cancer-causing substances are formed when red meat is cooked at high temperatures, like grilling, barbecuing, and frying.  Research by the National Cancer Institute (NIH) shows that even white fish cooked at high temperatures may also be linked to cancer risk, especially when cooked for longer.

There are a few ways to curb the formation of these cancer-causing substances, such as:5

  • Cut the meat into smaller portions to reduce cooking time
  • Flip the meat often
  • Cook the meat with a microwave before exposing it to high temperatures
  • Remove charred pieces of meat
  • Avoid directly exposing the meat to an open flame

What Researchers say About Processed Meat

Cancer experts may say that bacon and other processed meats are now in the same dangerous boat as cigarettes. But frequency plays a role. The more you’re exposed to anything in this category, the greater the risk. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide whether you want to eat those foods. And if so, how often. . . .Unfortunately for bacon lovers, there is a risk of cancer associated with red and processed meat. Other than the known risk, there is limited research regarding the amount of red and processed meat you should eat. However, the risk of cancer does increase the more you eat red and processed meat.




Think About It ~ Connecting

When we move away from I we move to WE. When we move to WE, we connect with those closest and near to us. The small WE we connect to opens our eyes to a larger WE. Our eyes and minds gradually open to those further from us. We discover how much we are alike and how we benefit each other and our WE continues to grow. How large is your WE? Do you dare open the door to your WE and let more people in and experience their richness and diversity? We need each other. We all inhabit the same home, planet Earth. We need each other’s WE.

What Adjectives Do You Use To Describe Yourself?

What Adjectives Do You Use To Describe Yourself? We don’t think about describing ourselves unless we’re asked to do so on a job application. During our day, however, we constantly evaluate ourselves. What if you had to list ten adjectives to describe yourself would they all be positive? Why not? Take a moment to think about your good side and make a list of your positive traits. Here are a few suggestions:













A Better Life ~ Meals Can Bring Us Together

When I was growing up in my Italian family meal were a big deal. We didn’t have much, but there was always plenty of pasta. It was time for all the family to be together. The meal wasn’t rushed. We stayed at the table until everyone was finished eating and often remained well beyond the eating. There were no TV or other digital distractions. We were together. Meals are great ways to bring people together, it can be a family meal or a date. The meal provides time for people to renew with each other. Try it for a month. It will make all the difference. 

Today’s Power Thought ~ Changing Directions

Where our attention goes, our energy flows. One way to get unstuck is to change the direction of our attention. When we turn our attention to positive, uplifting dreams our energy flows in that direction. To do so, we have to turn our attention away from that which is distracting us from the  pursuit of our dreams.

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