Today’s Health Tip ~ Almond Milk Versus Other Milks

The main reason people choose plant milk is to avoid dairy, whether that’s due to a dairy allergy or sensitivity or a desire to eat a plant-based diet. But both milks are very different nutritionally. One cup of cow’s milk provides about 8 grams of protein, 13 grams of carb, and from 0 grams of fat in skim to 8 grams in whole milk. Cow’s milk also provides about 25% of the daily value for calcium naturally. However, you don’t need to get your calcium from dairy in order to develop strong bones, either as a child or as an adult. (Plus, scientists have noted that dairy production contributes to environmental issues, including greenhouse gas production, climate change, pollution, and antibiotic resistance.)

As for how almond milk stacks up against other plant milks, it depends on the alternative. One cup of unsweetened oat milk is also low in protein, with perhaps 3 grams at most, but it’s much higher in carbs, typically about 16 grams, with a few grams as fiber. The fat content of oat milk also varies, as many brands add oil, and the vitamin and minerals levels differ based on the degree of fortification.


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