A Better Life ~ Put Your Shine On

Grab the buffing rag and the can of polish. It’s time to put a shine on. C’mon, you can do it. Think about it for a moment. You’re alive. You’re reading this post. You’ve got an open road in front of you. Your best days are in front of you. Grumpy folks are not allowed to board this train. Bring your shine.

What Kind of Friend Should You Be?

What kind of friend should you be? Have you ever thought about it? Have you thought about the what the word friend means to you? For many in our digital age a friend is an acquaintance on a social media platform. For some, a friend is someone they know by name and with whom they are somewhat familiar. Others understand the reciprocal nature of friendship. They understand friendship bonds two people together. These friends care deeply for each other and sacrifice to help each other.

Think About It ~ Opportunities Abound

You and I have routines we follow each day. Let someone or some event knock us out of our routines and our day collapses into chaos. Looked at another way, the disruption of our routine knocks us into a world of opportunity. We may have to learn a new skill, solve a new problem, or work our way through some disagreeable folks. All of which add to the deepening level of experience and building our knowledge base when we face like issues.

Today’s Power Thought ~ Small Steps Yield Big Results

What is one thing you could do right now, today, to live a healthier life? One of the big mistake made when trying to live a healthier life is to try to do it all at once. That’s a heavy load to carry. You know yourself better than anyone. Choose one thing that contributes to a healthier life style and stay with it for a couple weeks. It will give you confidence to take on another thing. C’mon, you can do it.

Today’s Health Tip ~ Breaking Free From Negative Thoughts

Break free from self-sabotaging ANTs — automatic negative thoughts

The first step to disarming ANTs is to take a mental step back and view your thoughts as understandable but ultimately unhelpful. Beyond that, Samson offers this advice to escape from ANTs:

  • Catch the thought. Notice how you frame what happens to you. “Anytime you use a word that’s absolute, thinking something is ‘totally’ this or that, remind yourself that it can’t be,” she says.
  • Write it down. Sometimes seeing your thoughts on paper — which engages a different part of your brain — can spur you to evaluate them more effectively, she says.
  • Examine the evidence for and against your thoughts. If you’ve been laid off, are you really an idiot who can’t hold a job? The facts might state differently: you have a college degree and have held several jobs long-term. “Realizing this, it’s still disappointing to be laid off, but without the same downward cascade that ‘it’s over’ and things will never change,” Samson says.

 It can take time to reverse long-held ANTs, Samson says. Be patient. “It depends on how pervasive they are and how often you catch your thoughts and restructure them,” she adds. “Many would say it’s a matter of practice, and if you’re diligent, you’ll pick up on it quicker. You get to a point where you notice when you’re falling into those traps.”


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