Today’s Health Tip ~ Are Hot Tubs Healthy?

Benefits of Using a Hot Tub

  1. Relieves stress.
  2. Manages muscles aches.
  3. Helps heart health.
  4. Lowers blood pressure.
  5. Improves sleep.

Healthy hot tubbing tips

Some hot tubs are breeding grounds for germs. Only use hot tubs that you know are regularly cleaned and well-maintained with the proper levels of chemicals. A hot tubbing ritual can be safe and healthy if you:

  • Don’t let the water temperature exceed 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius). If you’re not sure, check the temperature with a tub thermometer or your finger. Enter slowly to avoid burns or shocking your body.
  • Get out of the tub if you feel too hot, dizzy or get a headache. These could be signs that you’re dehydrated or your blood pressure is getting too low.
  • Install barriers like locking gates around home hot tubs. Use a latching cover to keep it clean and help keep children safe.
  • Limit your dip to 15 minutes or less, or you risk making muscle pain worse.

Heating up can be healthy

If you’re in good health, go ahead and enjoy a hot soak. But keep in mind that the health benefits are a bonus, not a replacement for medical care. “A hot tub isn’t going to solve any health problems, but it can feel great,” says Dr. Todorov. “And if you start to feel unwell or you just don’t like the heat, it’s a sign you should get out.”


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