Think About It ~ The Fog Will Lift

Have you every driven or walked through fog so thick you could barely see ten feet (3 meters) in front of you? I have, many times. I grew up fairly close to the Atlantic Ocean where, at times, the fog was thick enough to slice it with a knife. Walking is fine, but driving can be scary. Life is like that when troubles surround us and there is no apparent end in sight. In the same manner as negotiating our way through a dense fog, it is time to slow down  until the fog lifts. It will lift, it always does. Our troubles will go away, they always do. We have to have the tenacity to stay the course, move slower, be careful of our steps, and move confidently knowing our troubles will lift away and we will once again have smooth sailing.

Today’s Health Tip ~ 5 Ways to Live with Arthritis

Physical or occupational therapists can be very helpful in teaching you how to modify activities and accomplish daily tasks more easily. But there are simple things you can do for yourself, starting today. Here are five of them:

    1. Keep moving. Avoid holding one position for too long. When working at a desk, for example, get up and stretch every 15 minutes. Do the same while sitting at home reading or watching television.
    2. Discover your strength. Put your strongest joints and muscles to work. To protect finger and wrist joints, push open heavy doors with the side of your arm or shoulder. To reduce hip or knee stress on stairs, let the strong leg lead going up and the weaker leg lead going down.
    3. Plan ahead. Simplify and organize your routines so you minimize movements that are difficult or painful. Keep items you need for cooking, cleaning, or hobbies near where they are needed (even if that means multiple sets of cleaning supplies, one for your kitchen and each bathroom, for example).
    4. Take advantage of labor-saving devices and adaptive aids. Simple gadgets and devices can make it easier to perform daily activities such as cooking, gardening, or even getting dressed. Long-handled grippers, for example, are designed to grasp and retrieve out-of-reach objects. Rubber grips can help you get a better handle on faucets, pens, toothbrushes, and silverware. Pharmacies, medical supply stores, and online vendors stock a variety of aids for people with arthritis.
    5. Ask for help. People with arthritis often worry about the possibility of growing dependent on others. But only a very small percentage of people with arthritis become severely disabled. Still, the emotional burdens of arthritis can be considerable. Educate family members and friends about how arthritis affects you, and don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it.

Source: Harvard healthbeat newsletter

Let Your Mom Know She Blessed You

What if I wrote a letter to my mom (living or deceased) and recounted all the ways she blessed me? If you take time to do this for your mom or someone else you dearly loved, you will find it rewarding, You’ll rekindle special memories of good times, love, and kindness. Moreover, if this person is alive, give them the letter. It will make their day. In many ways, a handwritten letter is felt more deeply than an email or typed letter. It shows that the writer took special care to compose the letter.

Today’s Joke

Joe: “I wanted  watch the symphony with my wife and kids, but I had to turn it off before the first movement finished.”

Pete: “Why was that?”

Joe: “Too much sax and violins.”

Today’s Positive Thought ~ Living the Life We Imagined

“Life isn’t about finding yourself; it’s about creating yourself. So live the life you imagined (Henry David Thoreau).” Every moment of every day we are creating and recreating ourselves. We often do it without thinking about it. What if we purposely set about in creating ourselves so we could live the life we’ve imagined? If we do, we will experience a new found sense of freedom and purpose.

Today’s Inspiration ~ Searching for Happiness?

“Happiness is a butterfly, which when pursued, is always just beyond your grasp, but which,

if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you”.

~ Nathaniel Hawthorne
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