Today’s Health Tip ~ Are Tortillas an Option for a Healthy Diet?

It Depends on What’s in the Tortilla. Watch out for Tortillas made with lard.

Managing Weight and Eating Tortillas

Tortillas can be a part of a healthy diet, including for those who are trying to lose weight by either reducing calories or cutting carbs. However, for weight-loss purposes, it’s important to read the label of any tortilla package to help determine what you can eat without compromising your weight-loss goals. The carb and sugar content of traditional tortillas makes them completely off-limits for those following a keto diet. . . . However, you should check tortilla ingredient lists for lard and it’s pseudonym, hydrogenated oil. Commercially produced lard is made of trans fats, which are so bad for you that many states have passed bans or are considering bans on cooking with the substance at all.Because wheat tortillas hit the market in response to a desire for healthier foods, lard is much more common in flour tortillas.

The whole point of a tortilla is to fill it with something delicious, and what you put in a tortilla will go a long way toward fulfilling your diet goals. A traditional Mexican taco usually contains meat, onion and herbs. Vegetarians can load them up with avocado, mushrooms, spinach, fresh corn and beans for a satisfying meal. Tortillas, like bread, are healthy when eaten in moderation to avoid going over recommended carb and calorie intakes. Eating a few tortillas stuffed with nutrient-packed ingredients can form part of a healthy diet.


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