Today’s Positive Thought ~ Tough Times Happen, You’re Tougher

“Tough times go away, tough people do not (Walter Payton).” Every human faces tough times. They are part of the fabric of human life. Much like the ocean tides tough times roll in; they also give way to the changing tide and roll away. Endure the tough times with strength, resilience, and dignity. You are tougher than the tough times. The good times are waiting for you. Hang in there. Never quit.


    1. Happy New Year, Taylor. Thank you for your comments. It’s time to push the dark clouds aside and let the sun shine and warm our world. Your blog adds another positive voice. One voice at a time, we’ll make a big difference. Blessings. Ray

    1. Hi Terveen, There’s a no quit gene within us. We have to activate and step out in faith believing we’re stronger than what we’re going through. We’ve got to hold fast to the belief that tomorrow will be better than today. Make it a great day. Shine on. Ray

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