Optimism Works ~ Counting Your Blessings Recharges You

Count your blessings. Emiliana Simon-Thomas of the Greater Good Science Center at the Uni-versity of California, Berkeley, USA, says that remembering what you’re grateful for will boost cheerful emotions. She suggests trying to keep a gratitude journal to get into the habit (Source).

Each of us has been blessed with good things happening to us throughout our day. When something goes wrong, we let the one wrong event take credit for the whole day. It’s a myth. Ask yourself, “What are the good things that happened to me today?” Did you have a hot shower? Did you start your day off with a hot cup of coffee or tea? Did someone say, ‘I love you.’ C’mon, think of the all the good things that a happened today and list them in your gratitude journal. I think I see a smile spreading across your face.

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