Optimism Works ~ Close Relationships Are a Source of Happiness

When it comes to cultivating a bright outlook, our sense of community is more important than our material possessions or even our career status, ¬†Having close relationships and interacting with people are terrific sources of happiness,”¬†explains Simon-Thomas.”

I have a friend Bob, a widower, who walks around with a dark cloud over his head. When I see Bob as I walk by his house. I stop and chat with him. Bob complains he hasn’t any friends. He told me he is an introvert and it’s hard for him to meet people. It’s something I can’t do for Bob. He has to move against his isolation tendencies and broaden his circle of relationships. If you know someone like Bob, stop by every once in a while and engage him/her in a conversation. It will mean a lot to him/her and you’ll feel good for doing a kindness.¬†

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