Optimism Works ~ Hang Out With Optimists and Live Longer

A positive mindset is associated with better health and a lower chance of disease. A review of 15 studies with over 200,000 participants found a 35% lower chance of getting heart disease and a 14% lower chance of early death in people who were optimists. People who are optimistic also have better results following surgery, with fewer complications requiring hospital readmission. This may be related to the finding that optimists have better coping skillswhen dealing with stress and setbacks.

One of the best ways to crank up an optimistic attitude is to hang out with optimists. It’s true, we become like the folks we hang out with. If you want to see the world as a hope-filled, opportunities waiting for you place, hang out with similar folks. Don’t open the door to pessimistic, naysayers. You’ll feel a lot better.


    1. Hi Terveen, I’ve walked into room with a happy spirit and left wondering what happened to me. What happened to me was the room was populated with negative, doomsday thinkers. I try to avoid those folks as much as I try to avoid COVID. Happy, optimistic people may be a crazy bunch, but as the country-western singer put in a song, “I may be crazy but it helps me from going insane.” Have a great day and even better weekend. Ray

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