Today’s Health Tip ~ Is It Time to Get Rid of These Things?

Getting Rid of These Things Is a Healthy Move

  1. Sponges ~ It doesn’t take long for sponges to become a hotbed of bacteria. They can spread germs to your hands and then to your food. Or if you have a cut on your hand, bacteria can enter your body that way. Even if you boil or microwave your sponges after each use, scientists say it’s best to replace them once a week.
  2. Toothbrushes ~ Twice-a-day scrubbing sessions really do in your toothbrush’s bristles over time. For best cleaning results, switch to a new one every 3 to 4 months.
  3. Makeup ~ While products vary, a good rule of thumb is to restock cosmetics around the 6-month mark to keep bacteria at bay. Always replace makeup after you’ve used it on infected skin or eyes.
  4. Medications ~ Manufacturers are required to put expiration dates on their meds. Some studies show they work much longer than their stamped shelf life, but the best option is to keep your medicine cabinet contents current. Most expired medications will lose strength over time. When you toss drugs, be responsible: The FDA’s website can give you guidelines for what to trash, what to flush, and where to look for take-back options in your area.


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