Optimism Works ~ You’re Stronger Than You Realize

Within each of us are powers and abilities we underestimate, but which can carry us through many challenges. You’re stronger than you think. . . .

“You may have heard the expression, “Hope is not a strategy.” Don’t believe it: Hope is a way of thinking that pushes us to take action. Research by C. R. Snyder found that most hopeful people had three things in common: goals, pathways (strategies), and agency. They were under no illusions that all their strategies would work; they tended to try multiple pathways, realizing that many would be blocked. But they persisted because they had an abiding belief in themselves and their capabilities.” (David Feldman)


Optimists are hope-filled people. They may, at times, get discouraged, but they push on believing tomorrow will be better than today. They push on knowing the right solution exists and they will find it. 


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