Today’s Health Tip ~ Why is Frequent Exercise Important?

Exercise Frequently for the Best Benefits

Exercising throughout the week is important because it helps you build up strength, as well as strengthen specific areas of your body, including your bones and heart. “Better cardiovascular health helps lower your blood pressure and decreases inflammation,” says Dr. Chicorelli. “Strengthening your bones also helps with osteoporosis.”  Working out brings on brain-boosting benefits and boosts, too. “We can sometimes forget that the brain is a muscle, and that when we’re exercising, it’s good for our brain,” Dr. Chicorelli notes. “For example, we know that people who exercise live longer and have less risk of developing dementia.” 

Workout guidelines

According to the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), the ideal workout regimen balances cardiovascular (heart) exercise and strength training.   Cardio exercise can help with weight loss, protect against Alzheimer’s disease, lift your mood and more.  Strength-training exercises build muscle, boost your metabolism and increase your endurance, among other benefits.  Making sure your weekly workout plan includes the right balance of both kinds of exercise can lead to significant health benefits, Dr. Chicorelli says. 


    1. Hi Terveen, I am a gym rat. I enjoy going to the gym and pushing my body. Exercise helps to clear my mind. Some of my most creative thoughts happen during exercise (When I get one, I send a text to myself with a few words describing my thought).. An empty mind allows room for the creative process to occur. Here’s hoping you get some amazing creative inspirations today. Make it a great one. Ray

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