Kindness Works ~ Be Kind to Yourself

Being Kind to Yourself is Good for You

It is not just how you treat other people — it is how you extend those same behaviors and intentions to yourself as well. I believe you can be kinder in your own self-talk and practice gratitude. People are good at verbally beating themselves up, and rarely does that work as a pep talk. Rather, negativity often causes you to unravel and may even create a vicious cycle of regularly getting down on yourself. You wouldn’t talk to your neighbor the way you sometimes talk to yourself. This is what I call the “good neighbor policy,” which can be helpful. If you would not say it to your good neighbor, do not say it about yourself.


Today’s Poem ~ Love’s Living Flame

Love’s Living Flame

St. John of the Cross

O Love’s living flame,
Tenderly you wound
My soul’s deepest center!
Since you no longer evade me,
Will you, please, at last conclude:
Rend the veil of this sweet encounter!

O cautery so tender!
O pampered wound!
O soft hand! O touch so delicately strange,
Tasting of eternal life
And canceling all debts!
Killing, death into life you change!

O lamps of fiery lure,
In whose shining transparence
The deep cavern of the senses,
Blind and obscure,
Warmth and light, with strange flares,
Gives with the lover’s caresses!

How tame and loving
Your memory rises in my breast,
Where secretly only you live,
And in your fragrant breathing,
Full of goodness and grace,
How delicately in love you make me feel!


Think About It ~ Kindness, It’s Priceless

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Small acts of kindness make a difference. Kindness is priceless. It is a no strings attached act of love toward another.

Today’s Inspiration ~ Keep Your Eye on the Big Picture

“Don’t let a bad day trick you into thinking you have a bad life.”

~ Allie Newman


Today’s Health Tip ~ Symptoms if You’re Not Getting Enough Protein


What are the signs that you aren’t getting enough protein?

An inadequate [amount of] protein can result in a

(1) weakened immune system,

(2) malnutrition,

(3)edema due to fluid imbalance,

(4) hair thinning, and

(5) muscle loss are some long-term complications resulting from inadequate protein intake.

Not surprisingly, research from 2019 indicates that people who do not consume enough protein have decreased muscle mass and strength.


Today’s Positive Thought ~ Shake off YourBlunders

Shake off your blunders. How will you know your limits without an occasional failure? Never quit. Your turn will come (Og Mandino).”

We all have our share of blunders. We all have our share of doors being slammed in our face. Keep on knocking at the door. It’s natural to feel down for a moment or two, the feeling will pass, start knocking again. The doors will eventually open, it’s a matter of time if you don’t quit.


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