Today’s Health Tip ~ Eat the Rainbow for Good Heath

Focus on the Color of Your Food

One easy way to spruce up a simple dish and make it a mindful exercise is to be aware of the colors going into your recipe. Eating food that’s a monochromatic beige is way less interesting than eating a dash of green, a shock of red, and a burst of yellow.

Adding color to your meals brings your senses into the experience. Your eyes get to engage and enjoy the food as much as your mouth does. As a bonus, eating your colors also ensures you’re getting varied nutrition and a range of phytonutrients. Red, purple, yellow, blue, and even white foods all offer a variety of vitamins and minerals our bodies need. Certain colors in foods may even help prevent disease.. Next time you’re making a spinach omelet, take a moment to notice how satisfying it is to your sense of sight to throw in the vibrant red of a cherry tomato and the crumbly white of a bit of feta cheese.

An integral part of mindfulness is enjoying the beauty in simple, everyday things. Focusing on the color of your food is one way to attenuate the senses to the sensual pleasure of mealtime.


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