Today’s Health Tip ~ Calm Stress by Enjoying Making Your Meal

Learn to Love the Stir

This is the “wax on, wax off” of cooking. Whether you’re moving onions around a pan, blending spices into a soup, or for the real pros, whipping cream into a frothy dessert topping, the repetitive parts of cooking are opportunities to sink in, focus, and savor. Yeah, sure, it might take you longer than you’d like, your arm might be getting sore, or your kid might be asking for the third time when dinner will be ready. Instead of giving in to your impatience, use these moments as opportunities to show up and be present. Breathe in the aroma of the simmering spices, feel the warmth of the flame under the pan, or watch the bubbles in the water as they slowly come to life in a boil. By giving yourself fully to the task, you can start to take notice of all the little wonders happening underneath the “chore” of cooking.


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