Today’s Health Tip ~ Is the Pescatarian Diet Right for You?

Interested in cutting meat out of your diet, but not fish?

Or are you considering going vegetarian but want some protein options beyond plants. Consider the pescatarian diet. This plan — more like a lifestyle — is vegetarian with one key difference: You also eat fish and seafood. . . . Eliminating meat and poultry from your diet and focusing on plants and seafood can be a healthy switch. Benefits of a pescatarian diet can include:

  1. Better Heart Health ~ “Eliminating red meat is a great way to boost your heart health,” says Registered dietitian Anthony DiMarino, RD. “Pescatarians can get all the nutrients they need without eating any beef, lamb or pork.”
  2. Lowers Risk of Cancer & Other Diseases ~ Fruits and vegetables are nutritional powerhouses. Eating a colorful array of fruits and vegetables is an important part of an anti-cancer diet. These foods contain nutrients and phytochemicals that help fight the cell changes that can lead to cancer.
  3. Good Gut Health ~ If your pescatarian plan includes lots of high-fiber foods, your gut is in for a treat. The fiber in plant foods helps prevent constipation and feeds your gut’s microbiome. Your microbiome is home to bacteria, fungi and yeast that live in your small and large intestines.“Your microbiome plays a key role in your immune system, digestion and metabolism,” says DiMarino. “A healthy microbiome can also boost your mental health.”
  4. Calmer Apetite ~ Many foods in the pescatarian diet, like legumes, nuts and seeds, can help you curb those afternoon cravings. These foods are naturally high in fiber and protein, which take longer to digest than simple carbs like chips and processed snack foods.


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