Today’s Health Tip ~ What Should You Eat with a Cold or Fever?

Eating the Right Foods will Help You Fight a Cold or Fever

The traditional bowl of chicken soup (or even plain broth) remains the gold standard when it comes to eating while sick, says Dr. Hodes. So, why is chicken soup or broth so good for you when you’re sick? For starters, the liquid-based meals work to prevent dehydration. They’re loaded with nutrients and antioxidants that can help you get well, too. Adding chicken to the soup brings protein and iron to boost your immune system, and any healthy veggies thrown into the pot are … well, just naturally healthy to eat. Plus, soup’s soothing warmth and steam can help ease a sore throat and clear up any mucus. Chicken soup or broth just makes you feel better,” says Dr. Hodes. “Even if you’re not feeling too hungry, some small sips can provide you with both fluid and nutrition in one go.”

Other food and drink to seek out when sick include:

    • Fruits and veggies high in vitamin C, including citrus fruit, strawberries, leafy green, broccoli and potatoes. (Juice can do the trick, too, while also helping to keep you hydrated.)
    • Herbal tea. Hydrating and relaxing!
    • Comfort food. You don’t feel well and you need food. A favorite dish may brighten your mood while also filling your belly.


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