Feeling Good ~ Laughing is Good for You

The Health Benefits of Laughter

The benefits of laughing include:

    • Relaxation and reduction in muscle tension
    • Lowered production of stress hormones
    • Improved immune system function
    • Reduction in blood pressure
    • Clearing the lungs by dislodging mucous plugs
    • Increasing the production of salivary immunoglobulin A, which defends
    • against infectious organisms that enter through the respiratory tract.
    • Aerobic effects that increased the body’s ability to utilize oxygen (Cousins called laughing “internal jogging” and it has been estimated that laughing 100 times is equal to 10 minutes on a rowing machine or
    • 15 minutes on an exercise bike.)
    • A rapid ability to disregard aches and pains or to perceive them as less
    • severe (Children watching funny videos while undergoing painful procedures required less pain medication during as well as after the procedure. Patients who were told hilarious one-liners following surgery also had reduced requirements for pain drugs compared to controls.)


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