Today’s Health Tip ~ Practicing Self-Compassion May Save Your Life

Be Kind to Yourself

Look in the mirror and smile, as new research has found that being kind to yourself might just help save your life.    A recent study has found women, in their forties and up, who practice self-compassion may be less likely to develop the early stages of cardiovascular disease, even if they have other risk factors, such as high cholesterol and high blood pressure.  We’ve long been aware of the toll stress takes on our bodies and the role it plays in the development of cardiovascular disease. The prolonged pandemic has only served to amplify our daily stressors, especially for women.

So stop, breathe and pop on the kettle. It’s time to be kind to yourself. Taking time to look after your own mental wellbeing can have lasting physical benefits. . . . Self-compassion can take many forms, for some it may involve devoting some time to daily mindfulnessactivities, and for others it might be curling up in a quiet place with a good book or going for a walk. Whatever form your self-compassion takes be sure that it provides you with a place from which you can engage in some positive self-talk – be your own best friend!


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