Today’s Health Tip ~ Undergoing a Major Life Change?

5 Ways to Cope with Major Life Changes

Major life changes shift you off balance. Painful events, like a job loss, death in the family, or the end of a relationship, create deep feelings of loss. They also cause fear and uncertainty because your brain doesn’t like any changes – good or bad. That’s why joyful events like bringing home a new baby, starting a job, or getting married can also make life feel different and unfamiliar. To help your brain adapt, it helps to check in with your mental health. Here are 5 ways to find balance during major life changes:

  1. Give yourself time to accept the change – Life changes, both good and bad, take time to process, and that’s okay. Time is necessary. Your brain needs a chance to ease out of protective mode, learn, and adapt to your new circumstances.
  2. Acknowledge the change and your feelings – Whether it was unexpected or you knew it was coming, it is essential to acknowledge the change and your feelings. It helps to talk with someone you trust or seek professional care.
  3. Give yourself regular mental health checkups – Checking in with your feelings helps you assess your mental health. Ask yourself the kinds of questions you’d ask a loved one if you saw them struggling.
  4. Carve out a path forward – Planning, lists, action items, and goals help you – and your brain – feel more in control and adapt to significant life changes.
  5. Take a break from processing significant changes – Using creative outlets to process your feelings gives your brain a much-needed break.


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