Health Tip of the Day ~ The Color is Purple

Purple Veggies and Fruit Have Big Time Health Benefits

Purple-colored foods include various fruits and vegetables, such as eggplants and grapes. These foods could have several health benefits, including reducing the risk of heart disease and cataracts.

Eating the rainbow involves eating a variety of fruits and vegetables, including purple foods. Setting an intention to add purple produce to meals may encourage people to try new foods and make their diet healthier.

The purple color of fruits and vegetables indicates a rich antioxidant content, which may help to improve overall health and prevent health conditions, including heart diseasestroke, and cancer.

Purple fruits and vegetables are a nutritious addition to a healthy diet for many people, which can have physiological and psychological benefits. Increased intake of fruits and vegetables may help to lower the riskTrusted Source of health conditions such as obesitycataracts, and heart disease.

Purple foods contain anthocyanins, which are antioxidants that prevent and repair cellular damage. They are natural plant pigments that cause red and blue colors in certain plants. Antioxidants may help to prevent cancer, heart conditions, and neurological conditions. They may also protect against radiation, pathogens, and stress conditions.


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