Feeling Good Tip of the Day ~ Recognize the Unhappy Moments

What To Do When a Low Period Hits You

positive attitude is generally a good thing, but bad things happen to everyone. It’s just part of life. If you get some bad news, make a mistake, or just feel like you’re in a funk, don’t try to pretend you’re happy. Acknowledge the feeling of unhappiness, letting yourself experience it for a moment. Then shift your focus toward what made you feel this way and what it might take to recover.Would a deep breathing exercise help? A long walk outside? Talking it over with someone? Let the moment pass and take care of yourself. Remember, no one’s happy all the time.


NOTE: I seldom have down periods, but I do get knocked down time and again. When it happens I talk to my emotions. I tell them to enjoy their visit but not to let the door hit them in the ass when they leave. I’ll also visualize the ocean tide. It helps me realize the emotional storm I’m struggling with will leave.

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