Feeling Good Tip of the Day ~ Is It Time to Declutter?

Let Go of What Isn’t Essential

Decluttering sounds like a big project, but setting aside just 20 minutes a week can have a big impact. What can you do in 20 minutes? Lots. Set a timer on your phone and take 15 minutes to tidy up a specific area of one room β€” say, your closet or that out-of-control junk drawer. Put everything in its place and toss or give away any extra clutter that’s not serving you anymore. Keep a designated box for giveaways to make things a little easier (and avoid creating more clutter).Use the remaining 5 minutes to do a quick walk through your living space, putting away whatever stray items end up in your path. You can do this trick once a week, once a day, or anytime you feel like your space is getting out of control.


Note: Decluttering around your office, home, or apartment will help you to feel better. Think about decluttering your mind. Let go of other people’s business. Let go of things you can’t change. Let go of anger and resentments. You’ll add ten years to your life.


    1. HI Terveen, It’s spring and time for spring cleaning. Here’s a chore for you this weekend (LOL, like you need extra work): Make a list of all things you feel like you “have to do” each day. Take some time with it. Then examine the list and put a check next to the absolute have to do things. Of the things left, what are some you can drop or replace with things that will make you feel better? Just a thought. Have a great weekend. Ray

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