Feeling Good Tip of the Day ~ Go After the Day with Excitement & Enthusiasm

Each Day Go All In – It’s The Only Day We’ve Got

Going out into the world with positive anticipation of good things that may happen goes a long way toward recognizing the positive things big and small that transpire throughout your day. If you look for the positive, you’re more likely to find it. This compensates for a common phenomenon of the negative sticking in our memories at the end of the day. Recalling a few positive moments to balance the unpleasant ones helps one to sustain one’s excitement and enthusiasm for the next day, and the next.


NOTE: Our bodies follow our mind. When we wake up and put enthusiasm into our mind, our bodies will follow. The converse also applies. It’s a reasons why positive and optimistic self talk first thing in the morning is so important. It’s much better to say, “I feel great” and “I’m going have a great day” instead of, “I’m dragging” or “I don’t feel up to up.” You’ll get what you feed into your mind.

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