Health Tip of the Day ~ Is Some Food Better for Energy than Others?

Choose the Best Foods for Optimum Energy

Sugary drinks, candy, and pastries put too much fuel (sugar) into your blood too quickly. The ensuing crash leaves you tired and hungry again. “Complex carbs,” healthy fats, and protein take longer to digest, satisfy your hunger, and provide a slow, steady stream of energy.

The Best Foods for Sustaining Energy

      1. Oatmeal
      2. Eggs
      3. Chicken
      4. Beef liver
      5. Oysters
      6. Beans
      7. Sardines
      8. Walnuts
      9. Coffee
      10. Tea
      11. Berries
      12. Dark chocolate
      13. Water




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    I love this article because it provides practical and useful information on choosing the best foods for optimum energy. The comparison between sugary foods and complex carbs, healthy fats, and protein is eye-opening and helps me understand why I often feel tired after consuming too much sugar. The list of foods for sustaining energy is also helpful and includes a variety of options to choose from. Thank you for sharing this valuable information!
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