Feeling Good Tip of the Day ~ Simplify the Day

“Focus on less and do more. If we try and divide our time and attention into too many different directions, we get wrapped up in being busy rather than being productive. Multi-tasking isn’t an efficient use of our time, because we lose time and concentration every time we switch tasks. . . . I have found that asking myself what do I need to accomplish to make today happy and productive is a great way to focus on less to finish what matters most.” ~ source


NOTE: I like to make a checklist of things I have to do before I go to bed. It helps my mind quiet down so I don’t think about them in the middle of the night. I also priotitize my list into two categories, must do and like to do. It takes a bit of discipline because I’d prefer doing the like to do before the must do. I always feel better when the must do are done.

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