Feeling Good Tip of the Day ~ Stop, Look, & Listen

“University of Michigan psychologist Ethan Kross defines awe as “the wonder we feel when we encounter something powerful that we can’t easily explain.” Often the things which bring us awe have an element of vastness and complexity. Think of a starry night sky, an act of great kindness, or the beauty of something small and intricate. During your workday the colors of the leaves outside your office or an act of sacrifice by a colleague could prompt a similar feeling — especially if you are attuned to it.” Source


NOTE: Step away from the familiar and routine. Later tonight, turn off the TV and step outside and gaze at the night sky. Look at the constellations. Let wonder and awe take hold of you. Other ways are to watch young children at play or birds darting around. Wonder and awe surrounds us if we stop, look, and listen. Enjoy each wonder-filled moment.

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