Feeling Good Tip of the Day ~ Dealing with Stress-Filled Days

Do you ever feel as if your on one of those moving walkways at the airport and there’s no way to get off? It’s one thing after another. And, just when you think you’ve cleared everything, boom, an avalanche strikes (I know I’m mixing metaphors, LOL). I’ve read articles that encourage people to take a day or two off a week. I’ve found when I’m jammed packed with things to do and take a day off I spend the day thinking about how much I’ll have to do when I start up in the morning – it’s not as relaxing as promised. A different way may by to rethink the day. Sure it’s busy. One way to bring the hectic pace down is is to rethink how we eat our meals. Set aside the digital media and enjoy the meal. Resist grabbing a coffee and a quick meal and eating it on the train, bus or in the car. Make dinner time special where everyone has a chance talk about their day. Everyone should get a chance at debriefing.  If you must work at night, set a time when work stops Make it an hour before you go to bed and chill (watch something relaxing).. If we put our creative caps on, we can think of multiple ways to step off the treadmill and avoid the avalanche .

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